Nowadays, vaping has become popular among youth and adults. An electronic cigarette known as a "vape" warms a liquid to produce vapor that may be inhaled. There are many types of vaping devices like vape pens, vape mods, etc. They can differ in color, shape, and size. Devices for vaping are healthier and better options than cigarettes.

Though there are many vape mods in the market today, they need to be updated for the best user experience. People who smoke vapes look for some good features in the product that can help them enjoy it more. 

Top Features the Best Vape Mods Have

Modern User Interface

Vape mods should be updated, and more features should be added, such as temperature control, variable wattage, bypass mode, etc. It just needs a few buttons and a small screen to access these features. Though there have been significant changes in vape mods, like brighter displays and bigger screens, there is still more to be updated. Some features like wattage, puff length limiter, puff counter, temperature, etc., will help users a lot. A user should be able to adjust the waveform frequency to enjoy control over the flavor intensity and vapor production. 

Better Safety Measures

In order to ensure the safety of the users, vape pods need to have proper safety measures. There should be a feature that provides some degree of protection to prevent overheating and cutting power if there is any issue with the battery or atomizer. If you use vape mods, remember not to carry any metal object in the pocket, which may lead to a short circuit. 


The new vape mods should be durable. If one carries a vape mod daily, any bump or a slight accident can break it. Thus, they should have the best quality material and provide dust & water resistance. 

A Wide Range of Designs and Styles

There should be a variety of designs, styles, and patterns of vape mods, and it will help the users to choose a vape mod that matches their taste and personality. Since most of the mods have almost similar capabilities and features, appearance marks a primary differentiating factor that separates products manufactured by distinct companies. 

Apart from having a large color screen, the shapes of vape pods should be designed to make the user feel wonderful. For instance: the curved shape not only makes the user feel good but also makes it easy to hold. 

Vape mods are currently making a fashion statement. Thus there should be possibilities for luxurious trim like leather and abalone shell. You should choose the design and pattern that matches your taste and fits your sense of style. 

Provide Battery Options 

Manufacturers should provide more battery options to customers. It will be easier for the customers to choose the vape mod that best meets their requirements.

Built-in & Removable Batteries

Some people prefer built-in vape batteries, while some look for removable batteries as-

  • A vape mod with a removable battery is more useful and durable as the battery can be replaced easily if stops working. If there is any issue with a built-in battery, one may need to buy a new vape mod. 
  • A vape mod with a built-in battery can make a device lighter, smaller and handier. Also, it is less expensive than vape mods with replaceable batteries because the battery is included.

Thus, manufacturers should develop vape products with both built-in and removable batteries, allowing customers to choose from. 

Provide Dual-Battery Vape Mod

Manufacturers should develop pods that have higher vape battery usage. The best vape mod with a removable battery should have dual batteries, which will help increase the battery life. A single-battery vape mod's maximum power output is typically 100 watts. Whereas, a dual-battery mod can reach 200 watts or more. 

The new generation vape pods should not only have good battery life but also support USB-C charging, allowing the device to swiftly. 

Vape Pods for Direct-to-Lung and Mouth-to-Lung Inhalers

Vaping can be done in two ways: direct-to-lung (DTL) and mouth-to-lung (MTL). In DTL, one inhales the vapor directly, whereas, in MTL, one inhales & holds the smoke in mouth and then exhales.

Initially, there were few options for vapers who prefer MTL or mouth-to-lung inhaling. One can use a THC vape pen or a vape pod, and there is still the potential for development. There should be more options for both DTL and MTL. 

Final Words!

There is hope that the upcoming vape pods in 2023 will have more features to provide a fantastic experience to users. Vape pods may support fast charging and have good battery life. They may come in plenty of trendy colors like lavender, black, wine, etc.

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